Managing Teams

Team Access Levels Explained

Owners: An owner is a person with added billing information who owns the project / projects. A person with Owner status has full access to all projects. He/She can view all repositories, gain or decline access to other users and nominate admins.

Admin: Admins can do what owners can; however, they cannot nominate new owners and set or change billing information.

Regular: Developers who can view and implement changes to existing, assigned projects.

How Teams work?

Once you create an account and add billing information, you automatically become the Owner and can manage your projects and members.

IMPORTANT: Owners and Admins see all available projects within the Teams Dashboard.

You can assign Regular Users to specific projects in order to show them what's inside and allow them to implement changes.

There are no project-level admin permissions. Owners and Admins are assigned to the whole Team management dashboard; not specific projects.