HipChat Intengration

For all Atlassian fans out there, we added HipChat integration to codebeat. You can easily turn HipChat ON in your project's Settings view. Remember that notifications are turned on/off per project, not per account.

Elixir support (BETA)

Elixir support was added to codebeat. Start reviewing your Elixir repositories now!

Free Trial - Credit Card is no longer required

We have removed Credit Card from the free trial prerequisites. How to start your free trial now?

GitLab Integration

We're happy to announce that codebeat is finally integrated with GitLab. You can either sign in with GitLab or add your project later via codebeat's dashboard.

Searchable projects' dropdown

We're happy to announce that we've added a searchable projects' dropdown - now finding your project should be super easy. Check out our changes, hope you like them!

Easy access to your favourite projects ⭐️

Starting today you no longer have to travel light years to see a star!

Improved GitHub and Bitbucket build status messages

If you have a private project linked with a GitHub or Bitbucket repository you probably noticed that codebeat posts build statuses on Pull Requests to the tracked branch. We used to base these on project GPA. If the total project score decreased as a result of PR change, you'd get a failing status. This was in principle a good idea but in practice it was unlikely that in larger projects a given Pull Request would change the GPA, so most of the commit status messages we were showing were more or less useless.

Pull Requests for Bitbucket and GitLab

🎉🎉 🎉 We are happy to communicate that we have finished working on the extended version of our Pull Request feature.

Objective-C support is dropping the BETA label

It is our pleasure to announce that we were able to improve our Objective-C support to a point where we feel comfortable dropping the BETA label from the language and making it publicly available. Which means that you will now be able to analyse public Objective-C projects. In fact, here is a few examples.

Customise Project Visibility with Teams

Today we're proud to announce a new way of managing your account members by introducing the Teams screen. 🎉 Even though our current codebeat team is still small and young, we start to support companies large enough to require fine-grained project access management. Take a look!