How is codebeat different?

Few reasons why we believe you'll be better off with codebeat

We realize we haven't quite invented the wheel. Static code analysis is a venerable branch of computer science and a host of tools exists to help understand the hidden structure of source code. Some of these tools are local and some are hosted. Some are free and some cost an arm and leg. Some are very good and some are pretty bad. Some are open-source and some are proprietary. We've used them all extensively but we haven't found a perfect match for our needs and so we decided we needed codebeat. With codebeat we went for hosted, affordable, good and proprietary but - most importantly - we built a tool that we as developers wanted to use.

Developer focus

As practicing developers we built codebeat to scratch our own itch. codebeat is designed from the ground up as a set of tools exclusively focused on the needs of individual developers and development teams. We believe that given the right insights and incentives individuals can build and foster a quality mindset that in the end provides a real business value. At codebeat we see each code smell as an opportunity to not only improve your current codebase but also become a better developer.

Our approach is unique in a way that deemphasizes scores and graphs and focuses on an ongoing quest for excellence. As we keep detecting more and more code smells, graphs and GPAs will invariably change. But we're perfectly fine with that. codebeat is written by developers for developers so we won't let graphs and scores get in the way of our learning and improvement.

Help, not replace

While it is our business to provide excellent automated code review we see it only as a part of a healthy code review culture. We offer an excellent self-service platform to help developers learn and grow but we realize that no automated solution can replace a two-way learning experience between developers, whether it's a master-apprentice relationship, peer relationship or something in between. Where we see ourselves is helping the human reviewer skip the mundane and focus on really important parts like architecture and business logic. Our toolchain is tailored for this purpose.

Multilingual support

At codebeat we believe that the health of a software project depends on the health of all it's parts. Because of that we support multiple programming languages per project and show issues as well as calculate aggregated reports and grades. As a consequence as the list of supported programming languages grows we will be able to tell you more and more about your project and provide you as a developer with even more value.


Ruby and Go side by side in our backend.

Science lets us grow together

Instead of wrapping a web interface around a few existing open-source linters we decided to create our own algorithms and an extensible software analysis framework from scratch. This allows us to understand code better than any existing hosted solution. Moreover, it lets us move fast and quickly add support for new programming languages and new types of issues.

So as you grow as a developer we can grow as a product. Whether it is by showing you new good coding patterns in Go or helping you pick up Swift we can keep offering you new value every time you open codebeat.