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Codebeat is stuck for how many days on analyzing my project

Link: https://codebeat.co/projects/github-com-athina-edu-athina-master

Codebeat not syncing new code

Codebeat is not syncing new code for the last 2 days https://codebeat.co/a/admins/projects/bitbucket-org-tulaadev-tulaa-front-develop-858cf5ee-e92c-4e57-b975-c1102204c58c

"not yet supported" on pure Python project

Codebeat is reporting it is unable to analyze https://github.com/snoonetIRC/py-dynfunc due to it not being supported. This project is pure python and codebeat does support Python. Any idea what may be causing this?

Coverage per file and coverage report for Python

In the document I see only coverage upload support for Javascript/Ruby/Go, is Python supported? And are there coverage detail per files? Thanks

How do I add a badge from codebeat to my readme file?

I would like to add a badge to codebeat to my project, how do I do that please?

My project is total python project, why it's not supported?

https://github.com/HeatMint/Google-Doc-Windows-Office Link to my project.

Delete my account

Please delete my account and confirm via email.

Simple way to reference in Github issue?

Is there a simple way to reference problems in an issue on Github? The URL doesn't appear specific to the problem raised.

How to Fully Delete My Account?

Couldn't find any documentation on how to delete or close my account, but found this https://hub.codebeat.co/discuss/5bfa08368f74f00038c08bb8 So, hi! I no longer want an account on codebeat. Please close/delete my account. Thanks!

Analysis running for 1 week so far

Is something broken?