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Line Command

Can I use codebeat through line command? If yes how can I do It?

Account Deletion

Hi. Please delete my account. Thanks.


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Pull Request webhooks return 401 error on self-hosted

I have added a repository from bitbucket as self hosted repository and it is able to analyse branch I have mentioned so it is working fine in that scenario. After that I have added pull request webhooks in bitbucket but it always gives error 401 Response from https://codebeat.co/webhooks/bitbucket/pull_requests/<Project uuid taken from codebeat project setting> HTTP status: 401

Is this still being maintained?

Curious, as I got a `Namespace too long` error reported, but no indication of what namespace it is referring to.

Check is missing

It is a month now, that I have noticed that codebeat check was missing in every PR with the develop branch. I 've tried to investigate it more and I found that results are delivered (in GitHub's webhook tab) but the check is not there. Is there anything I can do to reenable it?

e-mail with mismatch subject vs body text

Hello, thx for this site and its reporting facilities! My latest notification e-mail had the following content (excerpt): Subject: "New report for SaltGUI project. Code quality has declined." Body: [...]*** 2.21 GPA from last report. Your code has *improved* - good job! ***[...] That is the opposite of what the mail's subject says! Also the value before "from last report" is missing. The previous e-mail (that I can find) reported "2.19 GPA". hope this helps to improve further...

Too much data to display

In one of our branches are getting this message. But there is not a lot of issues (1 Introduced).

Repo settings and pull requests menu disappeared

I saw that the Settings, Pull request and quick wins menus disappeared. As a result I cannot delete a repo etc. Can you please advise why this happened and steps to resolve it?