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Repo settings and pull requests menu disappeared

I saw that the Settings, Pull request and quick wins menus disappeared. As a result I cannot delete a repo etc. Can you please advise why this happened and steps to resolve it?

Stuck in Pending — analysis in progress

Hello, The codebeat check on all of our projects is saying "Pending — analysis in progress" (for over 48h). Same for the codebeat pages. Is the service maybe down? Greetings, Sascha

Is it possible to switch branch from master to any ?

I would like to know, if this is possible to switch branch from master to any other branch ?

Is it possible to submit

The Golang information on this [site](https://hub.codebeat.co/docs/test-coverage-reports#section-setting-up-for-go) is out of date. - The Golang now has a fix in place for the issue with testing multiple Go packages with coverage. - The `codeclimate-test-reporter` is depreciated. Is it possible to send the report via curl? ```text https://www.npmjs.com/package/codeclimate-test-reporter This package has been deprecated Author message: codeclimate-test-reporter has been deprecated in favor of our new unified test-reporter. Please visit https://docs.codeclimate.com/docs/configuring-test-coverage for details on setting up the new test-reporter. ```


Hi , codebeat is in status pending for the last 18h.How can I restart the check without making a PR to GitHub?

Change the URL Path

I noticed the URL path is derived from the billing name in Account Details which is used for billing purpose. Is there a way to change the name in the URL path to a generic name beside tweaking the billing name in Account Details? For instance, https://codebeat.co/a/John-Smith/projects to https://codebeat.co/a/generic-name/projects.

Please delete my account

[email protected]

What kind of analysis does the security scan do against our code bases?

We're looking for more information about the types of vulnerabilities that we should expect to be surfaced during the security scan of the code analysis.

.codebeatignore not working

I hope to ignore all .mvn folders in my repo, and I added **/.mvn to .codebeatignore, but it is still tracking them, please help me.

Cannot add bitbucket repo to codebeat

I am unable to add repo from bitbucket. It keeps showing a spinner like forever. I can see a 500 internal server error in the console.