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CodeBeat Badge Not Updating

First of all great product! Secondly I finally got around to fixing a number of the issues in my project and that (along with I think your algorithm tweeking) pushed it from a C to an A grade. I felt awesome! Unfortunately the badge is updated on CodeBeat, but not updating on my GitHub account. CodeBeat: https://codebeat.co/projects/github-com-sroberts-cacador/ GitHub: https://github.com/sroberts/cacador Any ideas?

PR integration with Codebeat never ends the check

I've claimed my open source project and integrated the PR check with Codebeat. The issues were reported pretty fast, but the check is still incomplete even after ~9 hours. Here is the [PR](https://github.com/Antondomashnev/FBSnapshotsViewer) you can check.

PHP Support

Any plan to support PHP based project?

SSH Key Error on new integration

Hi, I just signed up, and am trying to add a repo, blocked with the below error: Access Error: [128] OUT: | ERR: Warning: Permanently added 'github.com' (RSA) to the list of known hosts. ERROR: We're doing an SSH key audit. legacy key automatically unverified Please visit https://github.com/settings/keys to approve this key so we know it's safe. fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. This may be a valid permission error, and I might need to approve the key as suggested, but this should be handled correctly and shown to the user in a friendlier way IMHO. Thanks, Mrugesh

How can I delete one of my accounts?

I've added two accounts (with the same name), but one is empty now (no projects). How can I remove it?

Analysis failed

On one of my projects, I'm getting an 'analysis failed' error along with the message: Looks like something went very wrong. Please retry or let us know via the Intercom chat. Am unsure on how to proceed from here. I'm unable to find any Intercom chat anywhere.

How do I add a badge from codebeat to my readme file?

I would like to add a badge to codebeat to my project, how do I do that please?

Quick Win DRY issue

I may be wrong, but the DRY identification is too strict on my repo when it comes to destroying resources.... I sincerely have no idea how I would make the destroy more DRY since it is such a small piece of code. This is the project in question: https://codebeat.co/projects/github-com-deovandski-fakktion

Too many instance variable overhead when server API returns many fields.

My android application is mainly server API dependent application. Since API returns many fields in almost all the responses, my corresponding model class will have to contain that much of instance variable. So my GPA is decreasing by this limitation. Is there any way to improve that.

Create issues into GitHub

Hi, I cannot find how to create issues into GitHub from Codebeat thanks